About Us

The Escape Room in Michigan can certainly be a great way to spend time with a multitude of different types of groups of people, whether you are interested in meeting new people and making friends who are similarly interested in puzzle solving in enclosed rooms with great themes and atmospheres (a great trait to share amongst friends!), whether you are looking for new, unique, interesting, and creative date night ideas, adult birthday ideas, a team building exercise, family game night idea, or if you are just looking to be one of the few who are able to make the great escape from our Michigan escape room for the sense of accomplishment and the purposes of bragging to all of those around you (which you would certainly be right to do!). Be sure to look absolutely nowhere further than to the Michigan escape room that is on offer here at the Escape Room, where you will be able to find the most entertaining, the most intellectually challenging, and the most all around exciting room escape games that you could possibly find anywhere in the entire state of Michigan.